Latest News on Mobile Banks – Oct’/Nov’ 2019

October is ‘Rocktober’ in Mobile Banking, with many exciting developments taking place around the world with GPay, Raisin and Revolut.

Mobile is the go-to banking medium for personal and business users. There is nothing customers can’t do with mobile banking, and things are only getting better. Bricks and mortar banks are limited by their very nature, but mobile banking offers customers enhanced flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Mobile banking apps are quick and easy to download and install, and they pack a punch.

FinTech enterprises are pouring plenty of resources into mobile banking options, making it much easier to deliver a powerful product that meets the needs of modern-day customers. Cost-effective solutions are but one of many benefits to mobile banking, and ‘Fort Knox’ style security features guarantee ironclad transactions.

With so many new entrants making their way to market, it’s clear that we are on the cusp of a mobile banking revolution.


N26 has left a huge digital footprint in Europe, and it’s about to get bigger now that it is fully compatible with Google Pay in 5 more countries across Europe – Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. All it takes is a few quick taps to add GPay in your N26 account. As the premier mobile payment option, Google Pay is really easy-to-use to pay for purchases in stores using your mobile phone. Simply hold your phone up to the NFC terminal and you’re golden.

Google Pay is 100% safe and secure, compliments of SSL technology. This payment method uses a virtual account number to transmit payments, keeping your true account number private. Payments over €25 require your phone to be unlocked. With this e-Payment technology available in 5 more countries, users can add additional layers of security with a personal identification number (PIN) to GPay – an acclaimed provider of mobile banking services.

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Monese is making big waves in the FinTech arena yet again. This time around, Monese has partnered with Raisin – a savings marketplace provider. Customers simply need to navigate to the Monese Hub to gain access to an impressive range of savings products. The Raisin option is applicable to account holders in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

Monese is already a highly-rated provider of mobile banking services. For example, Raisin grants UK users complete control over their savings, with FSCS-secured Monese savings accounts with variable interest rates up to 1.60% AER and complete flexibility after a notice period has been given. Customers can also enjoy fixed bond rates of up to 2.00% AER which stay locked in place until maturity. Raisin charges partner banks, not customers.

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An exciting working partnership has been announced between top-tier European FinTech enterprise Revolut and Visa. Revolut will be scaling its operations globally thanks to Visa’s dominant position. This will allow the European FinTech company to reach 24 new markets, bringing to 56 the total number of markets where Revolut is operational. This mobile-based application provides customers with a wide range of digital financial services. These include P2P payments, forex, and budgeting. Now, all of these will be linked to a user’s Visa card.

Revolut will initially launch in the US, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Then, operations will expand across multiple additional markets including Korea, Colombia, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Chile, Argentina, Ukraine, Thailand, South Africa, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. Visa enjoys widespread acceptance at 54 million merchant locations in 200+ countries. The partnership with Revolut has been going strong for 4 years, and the mobile banking option has been in place since July 2017 across Europe.

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