Travel Card

A travel card allows you to load money into the card in advance, typically in multiple currencies, and then use it for purchases, ATM withdrawals, and payments during your trip. It can be a convenient and secure way to manage your money abroad since they often offer features such as competitive exchange rates, lock-in rates, and currency protection.

This all-in-one app offers a free current account along with a variety of travel benefits:

Revolut allows you to hold over 35 different currencies and lets you manage them in one simple account. The advantage of this is that you can avoid currency conversion fees when traveling to various countries.

It provides real-time exchange rates, which means you can see the current rates and make informed decisions about when to exchange your money.

Revolut offers up to 10% cashback depending on plan and no booking fees on Stays. So, you’ll have more money to spend on your vacation.

The app provides instant notifications for each transaction, helping you stay aware of your spending and any potential unauthorized activity.

Currensea provides a debit card that can be linked directly to your bank account. It is designed to be used exclusively for travel expenses.

One of the primary benefits of Currensea is that it aims to offer lower foreign exchange fees. Only 0.5% FX rate across card spend & ATM withdrawals and if you upgrade to Premium (£25/year) you’ll have a 0% FX rate.

Worldwide card acceptance in all 180 currencies.

It allows you to convert your savings into Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles. Also, Currensea offers premium benefits such as car rental including Hertz Gold Plus Rewards with complimentary Five Star Status and a 20% worldwide discount with Avis. When booking a trip of at least 4 nights, you will receive a complimentary night’s stay at Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

Travelex specializes in foreign currency exchange and international payments, often found in airports, travel hubs, and online platforms. It offers services such as currency exchange, prepaid travel cards, and money transfers for travelers and individuals conducting international transactions.

You can exchange your home currency for the currency of your travel destination at Travelex locations in airports, city centers, and online.

Also, there is ability to order foreign currency online and have it delivered to your home or pick it up at a Travelex location. As a result, you can save time before you leave.

The Starling travel card is associated with Britain’s Best Bank and a UK current account. It is a no-fee travel card, which provides quick and easy banking anywhere you travel.

Travellers preload the Starling debit card with the required amount of funds before going abroad. Among the many benefits of a Starling travel card are real-time exchange rates, minimal fees (ATMs may charge you) and instant spending notifications.