Key Features
  • Option to open up to 20 separate checking accounts
  • Fully integrated with world-class accounting software, payroll & HR software

Relay Review

Relay Review

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Relay is a powerful and easy-to-use online payment solution. It includes secure collaboration, automated payment processing, and full transparency of spending activity. Also, clients can benefit from FDIC-insured accounts up to $250K, and add card protection with zero liability on MasterCard, 2-factor authentication, and card freezing capabilities for enhanced security.
Furthermore, there are zero fees for money management, zero barriers for business checking accounts, full integration with accounting programs, and streamlined accounts payable with Relay Pro.

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Banking Features

Rapid Account Registration

Relay makes banking hassle-free for business clients with insured services through Middlesex Federal Savings Bank. All you have to do is enter a business email, password, and referral code (if you have one) in order to set up your account. A dedicated customer care team is in place, which works quickly to get new accounts registered.

Team-based business banking

You can easily issue the card to your team. Set maximum limits for each team member and use the app to keep track of all transactions. Relay permits each member of the team to have a specific job that they will handle for the purpose of making it simpler for management.

Fully digitized banking services

It’s the first virtual banking solution that’s for businesses. If you want to manage your finances in-house you should use your business banking apps. During business hours, well-trained customer support is standing by to assist via phone or email.

Dynamic bookkeeping services

Seamless business banking is now made possible with Relay’s integration of premier accounting software, like Xero and QuickBooks Online. This remarkable feature gives you the ability to grant access to accountants, bookkeepers, or financial advisors so you can effortlessly manage all debits and credits associated with their accounts.

Create up to 20 individual checking accounts

Setting up individual checking accounts for your employees is one of the ways you can streamline your business finances. This way, all of their expenses can be categorized, and allowances like payroll or taxes can be set aside in cash reserves, allowing you more control over financial contingencies than ever before.

Multiple currencies supported

You can convert internal wires into six different currencies: Mexican peso, European euro, British pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and New Zealand dollar. More currencies are anticipated in the future.

Recurring internal transfers

Relay allows you to transfer funds between different checking accounts as needed. A business owner can assign a percentage of their deposits to be transferred to separate accounts. It is possible for business owners to do this regularly for better management of expenses.

Top-end business banking security features

The Relay app is completely safe and secure. Data is protected against third-party interception by SSL security (secure socket layer). Relay accounts are fully insured by the FDIC up to $250,000. The company’s partner bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, has been operating since 1925 and is a member of the FDIC.

Plans & Pricing

Relay Standard Account

  • Free to register
  • Zero monthly fees
  • Free ACH and checks
  • Zero minimum account balance
  • 20 fee-free checking accounts are available
  • 50 virtual/physical debit MasterCard is available

Relay Pro Account

  • $30 per month
  • Auto-import bills from QuickBooks Online or Xero into Relay
  • Review, approve and pay all bills in one Relay dashboard
  • Create single or multi-step approval rules for bill payments
  • Consolidate payments to the same vendor into a single transaction
  • Auto-sync paid bills as “paid” back to your general ledger for one-click reconciliation
  • Same-day ACH payments and free outgoing domestic and international wires

Open a Relay Business Bank Account

Relay business accounts are only available for business owners in the US and business owners must provide a SSN. Sole proprietorships, LLCs, partnerships, and corporations will be required to provide extensive information and proof of business ownership, location, and other pertinent data.

Clients will be required to enter a mobile phone number, Social Security number, business ID number (EIN), meet the minimum age requirement of 18+, etc. The registration process requires proof of ID/citizenship. Your driver’s license, ID card, or passport will be required to process your application.

  • No fees or minimum account balances.
  • Option to open up to 20 separate checking accounts.
  • Option to issue up to 50 physical/virtual MasterCard debit cards.
  • No ATM fees.
  • Fully integrated with world-class accounting software, payroll & HR software, including Xero, Plaid, intuit QuickBooks, and Gusto.
  • Quick and easy management of employee accounts.
  • Business banking services are offered to SMBs in the US, with support offered to business owners in 200+ countries worldwide.
  • No physical bank locations for depositing checks.
  • No lending services provided – no personal loans, lines of credit, or credit cards offered.
  • Outgoing domestic and international wire transfers are subject to $5 & $10 fees respectively. However, these fees can be waived for businesses on Relay Pro.
  • Telephone support is limited to weekdays between 9 AM – 5PM EST.
By Brad Spirito

Recently opened an account with Relay on a series llc. Very easy and straightforward. I had a question regarding mobile deposits and the use of Zelle or similar. Response was quick and thorough. Much more nimble and a time saver vs going to a typical branch bank. I plan to move more accounts to this company

By Chirag P.

Easy to deal with customer service. Easy to get set up. Multiple checking accounts under each business to allow for taxes, profit first etc. multiple businesses with one log in and same day (not instant) ACH transfers between each. Low fees. Can’t recommend enough.

By Krissy Jones

Great bank for everything except instant payments (no zelle). However their customer service is good, the banking is cost effective and good value. Its really easy to send wires, open accounts and do transfers. I just wish for zelle and also higher limits on check deposits and debit card transactions

By Christanne Wright

Love the ease of use, low to no cost and collaboration with my bookkeeping clients. They enjoy the flexibility of being able to manage card users, foreign transactions, freezing a card when lost and more. I recommend this to all of my entrepreneurial start up clients as they are more vulnerable to fees eating up the money they have earned.

By Nabha Cosley

I’ve been using Relay for a few weeks now and quite like it. It’s easy to create new counts, issue virtual cards, and it integrates well with Quickbooks Online. No complaints!


Relay is a powerful business banking solution that offers exceptional features and functions at no cost ($30 per month for more advanced features). This can drastically reduce the amount of money businesses spend on finance-related services. Additionally, Relay integrates seamlessly with major accounting platforms to easily monitor expenses and audit records.