Top Ups

Nowadays, mobile banks offer a variety of ways to top-up your account. The top challenger banks including Bunq, Monese, N26, and Wirex have implemented cutting-edge solutions, vis-a-vis instant top ups. Each of these mobile banks provides a variety of secure options for cost-effective top-ups from your smartphone.

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You can load money onto your Bunq Travel Card with a debit card or credit card. Alternatively, clients are welcome to use Bank Transfers to their Travel Card.

Other options available to Bunq clients include: iDEAL or SOFORT top ups, and Bancontact (to clients with a Belgian telephone number and physical address). These top-ups allow for instant transfers direct to your account.

Other top up options for Bunq include Wise (formerly TransferWise), as well as Cash deposits. The latter option is only available with an external source such as Barzahlen for clients in Italy, Germany and Austria. Read a full review.

Monese allows you to top up using a Debit Card. Monese has also partnered with PayPoint and the Post Office to allow clients to easily add cash to their account balance.

Monese top-ups can also be facilitated by way of Salaries. Clients simply need to share details of their account info with employers. Other options for topping up include Bank Transfers with no fees, and Transfers between Monese Accounts too.

It’s also possible to request payments from Friends, Family, or Colleagues for quick and convenient top-ups. Read a full review.


Wirex offers cutting-edge money transfers from crypto-based wallets and other currency accounts. With Wirex, you can top up your accounts instantly by sending fiat currency (fiduciary currency) from your external accounts directly to your Wirex accounts. You can also use cryptocurrency to top-up your Wirex account.

If you have a linked card, you can use it. Clients who prefer to use an external currency account, or an external cryptocurrency account, can process it through an external platform. Read a full review.

With N26, you can add funds to your account via payment apps such as CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo. There may be variations in fees and transfer times between payment apps.

Other options include debit card transfers. Debit cards can be connected through ApplePay, or Google Pay, or you can simply use another debit card to fund your N26 account. The first transfer will be free with a debit card, and transactions posted after that will be subject to a small fee.

When using Google Pay or ApplePay, your money is instantly available once transactions have been completed.

Other top-up options with N26 include Sepa Transfer (up to 2 working days), Moneybeam (instant transfer), CASH26 (instant transfer), and iDeal (instant transfer). Read a full review.